Monday, May 24, 2010

Officially a Vampire

woo hoo!!
I finally turned Fourteen. I am sooo happy, can you tell how happy I am? huh, can you??
alright I finally got the pic of the new name on our boat
so here she is the majestic...

so what do you think?
do you like it?? please leave a comment telling me what you think (and be truthful, if you don't like it just say so)
despite the picture we are now back in the water.
we are still at my grandparents cause the boat yard people are still working on our boat :-(
but we'll be back on soon enough.
we were invaded by pirates last week

but, even one handed, I fended them of and was crowned champion of the east coast.
no just kidding, they were actually replicas of two of Columbus's ships heading two Beaufort for, uh, something.
alright that is all I can think of right now
but I will have hopefully a lot more once we leave the dock.
til then
p.s. the former name of our boat was Spotted Moose, which was named after the former owner's cat (see why we changed it?)


  1. Yay for new boat name! Why did you guys choose to be from Oriental instead of Asheville?

    We saw the pirate ships too! They were in Beaufort, SC when we were there.

  2. because Asheville is like in the middle of NC

  3. I like the new name better than the old one. Wild Haggis, i love it!

  4. and the Wee Dram! don`t forget the wee dram!!!