Monday, May 17, 2010

a little R&R

so my plan of having a pic of the boats name isn't going to work today
cause I am at my grandparents so I'll have to
fill in with something else.
like...oh yeah

I broke my knuckle,
it's nothing special. just a splint for four weeks, which means I can't sail.

um, let's see what other things I can come up with

ok, my grandparents have this big library full of old books, which include:

moby dick

robinson crusoe

alice's adventures in wonderland

the complete works of shakespear
and 96 more

also they have a super awesome latin work book
published exactly two-hundred years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland

ok, that's all I have for today
so til next week


  1. sorry about the broken knuckle. I've never broken a thing, so i can't imagine the pain.

  2. it's not terribly painful, it is just annoying