Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hey..why aren't we moving?


so first, I lost internet and that is why I didn't blog yesterday
and as for the 'why aren't we moving' thing, well, I'll just let you figure that out

that (to answer your question) is the bottom of our boat
and yes, it is out of the water.
you see, we had to be hauled out so that we could get some work done on the boat
and now, the picture you have all been waiting for

our boat!!

alright and now here are the pics of the other boats I like:

the Green Dolphin

Mongoose Magic



this doesn't have a name :(

Honey Wind



and our first ghostship (which is in the slip next to ours)


now, those are just a fraction of the boats I've seen so far

so I might start putting more on every now and then
alright, I guess that's all for now

I've got to go help putting our new name on the stern of our boat

and I am not telling you the new name til next week when I will have a picture

of the name on the boat

so until next time

this is


Signing out
p.s. I got to take the helm