Monday, May 3, 2010

catching up, bad hair day


again I am sorry that I am the worst blogger ever. but now as long as I have internet I will try to do it every monday, so start checking then.

OK, this was forever ago but we went to the 5th annual dog parade here are some pics:

the dog parade is where you dress up your dog and walk around town, there are like twelve categories and winners for all of them, take max (last pic) who dressed up like Dorothy and won best over all.

I had a very bad hair day yesterday:

so I ended up wearing a hat all day, which was awful cause I was in the sun and it was like 85 degrees, and 75% humidity.

so this trimaran pulled up today and I got to help it tie itself to the dock, it was really cool.

I will have a picture of me on the boat next monday (which was requested by at least three of my friends) and some pics of the boats I've seen so far (including the trimaran).

til then

fair winds and safe harbors,

p.s. forest if you still check my blog this is for you...


  1. I want pics of the trimaran!

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahaha, oh man, am i still showing as felix barbarus? oh well. for those who don't know, this is forest. i love the picture cameron, i've seen those before. although where i'm supposed to be running i don't know.

  3. You Forrest, are supposed to be running away from your inner Gump.


  4. your hair doesn't look THAT bad, its just a little poofy