Sunday, February 28, 2010

*grumble* *putter* *putter* SHUTDOWN SHUTDOWN

ok sorry I didn't get the vid on but I couldn't figure out my camcorder. but I did get some really awesome pics! but I don't have my camera cord so you wont get those until later :) so for now I will tell you about my day today. ok so we sailed (motored) over night last night and I woke up this morning to the engine dieing, we fixed it. then later we were motoring down a waterway and had to dodge like five 100 or 120 ft tankers. and that was scary. but wait!! there's more. our engine had gone out again so we had to put the sails up to ovoid being run over by the tankers. then we had to be towed by a tow boat to the nearest marina. so right now I am sitting in my boat relaxing after a hard days dodging session. oh yeah and before I forget, last night while we were motoring we pasted whithin 150 yards a of big tanker so that was kinda freaky.

alright so I'll get those pics on in a couple of days,


  1. Ok here is my exceedingly helpful advice: don't die

  2. MY god man that is SO AMAZING!

    At least you didn't sink one of those tankers.

    what was wrong with the motor?

    There is a thing in the new post editing that is upload video, try that.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. by the way what does your blog name translate too?

    It's Gaelic, isn't it?

  4. ok, Garret the name translates to sea voyage and yes it is gealic) the reason I couldn't figure out the video was cuz I couldn't figure out the actual camera and the problem with the engine was some to do with a valve sucking air in

  5. ohh yeah when we owned a trawler our engine died all the time so im good friends with towboat US

  6. watch out for the seagull cameron! remember the mutated seagull!!!!????