Friday, February 26, 2010


Well last night I went through my first gale (for those of you who don't know what that is, it's wind blowing at at least 35 Kt.) and now the weather is suppose to get worse :(. now we have a high winds warning through today and ending at midnight, and they are calling for winds up to 45 to 50 Kt. which is the equivalent of 55 to 60 mph!!!
you guys (and girls) should have heard the wind last night it was sooo loud, and the boat was rocking back and forth side to side.
and I should have a video soon so you can see and hear the weather outside I will hopefully have it later today, but I have to figure out how to get videos to lode onto blogger



  1. yikes. don`t fall out! (jk) where exactly ARE you as of right now???

  2. by the way. why is your blog called "muir bhoidse"??? just wondering what that could possibly mean.........

  3. 45-50 kt, that sounds fun. well, it is not quite as fun as 70 kt. but still fun! and nez, he isn't going to fall out. he wouldn't fall out (unless he tried to) at 70 kt. unless, of course, he was one heck of a landlubber.

  4. what kind of boat are you sailing on?

  5. Rheo, I am sailing on a 45' Bristol some time later I'll have a pic on here and Nezzie the name means sea voyage since you were wondering

  6. Where were you during the gale?